About Us

The people that "shine" at KhanyaKude!

KhanyaKude means "Light that Shines from far." We hope that we are the "shine" that makes your next business or leisure trip pleasurable.


We love to travel, it doesn’t matter where. A simple road trip, a cottage in the mountains or camping deep in the african bush. From boarding a plane to an exotic destination to relaxing on a deserted beach. We love it all, the different cultures, the people we meet and the new experiences that paint our world with colour and texture. 


That is why we decided to start our own Bed & breakfast and we are trying to give the people what we were missing on our travels.


Our ideas are simple, based on quality, it’s the comforts that we collect that turn our travels into a home.

We hope you will enjoy your stay at KhanyaKude Bed & Breakfast and that it make your stay with us memerable.

Pink & Pippa

Meet the Team
Philippa Logan


Pink van Hoek

Owner and Host

KhanyaKude Bed and Breakfast 
Flack Place, Durban North

Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa

Unfortunately, we does not accept children under 18.

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